Waterfront Erosion Monitoring

These site inspection locations occur on both Public and Private property across TRCA’s jurisdiction, and are flagged to ERM monitoring staff through various sources (TRCA staff, property owners, members of the public, municipal councillor’s offices, etc.). These records contain the site ID, a general site description, the date of the most recent inspection (to be confirmed with J. Duncan, as unsure of the source data or how frequently it’s updated?), and the monitoring status.

Data and Resources

Additional Info

Field Value
Source https://trca-camaps.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/91d2507f58824151bdcf587a1aece385_0
Last Updated May 13, 2021, 03:01 (UTC)
Created April 22, 2021, 20:42 (UTC)
GUID https://trca-camaps.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/91d2507f58824151bdcf587a1aece385_0
dcat_issued 2021-04-22T09:19:34.000Z
dcat_modified 2021-04-22T09:24:07.000Z
dcat_publisher_name Conservation Ontario